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In the lathe department we have sized our Mori Seiki machines to manufacture a large range of parts from very small bushings to large castings and forgings.  Our smallest machine is an SL-15 equipped with an Iemca bar feeder capable of handling bars 1.625" diameter and up to 14 foot long.  The SL-300 is our largest capacity machine.  It will turn up to 17" diameter and in addition,  has a parts catcher enabling the machine to run smaller parts from bar stock as well.  The SL-200 is our newest machine and is also equipped with a parts catcher.  It has two spindles and will turn up to 16" diameter and  bar stock up to 2.625" diameter.  The SL-25 is a medium sized machine capable of turning a large range of parts.

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Machine Specifications
Mori Seiki SL-25   Machine# 14
Capacity OD 16"
Length 20"
RPM 3500
Bar work 2.500" Dia.
Fanuc MF-T6 Serial# 6861
Machine Specifications
Mori Seiki SL-15   Machine# 15
Capacity OD 8"
Length 13"
RPM 6000
Bar work 1.625" Dia.
Equipped with parts catcher and Iemca Boss 542 bar feeder.  Bar length capacity 14'.
Fanuc MSC-5 Serial# 204
Machine Specifications
Mori Seiki SL-16   Machine# 16
Capacity OD 17"
Length 25"
RPM 3500
Bar work 2.875" dia.
Equipped with parts catcher.
Fanuc MSC-501 Serial# 204
Machine Specifications
Mori Seiki SL-200   Machine# 17
Capacity OD 16"
Length 15"
RPM 4000
Bar work 2.625" dia.
Equipped with two spindles and parts catcher
Fanuc MSC-501 Serial# 611


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